Medical Weight Loss Program

Join Dr. Kupeyan and her Medical Weight Loss team as they take you on a journey to improve your well-being, self-esteem, physical endurance and physical health.  The B at the Top Medical Aesthetics weight loss program is an intense program that involves a detailed initial consultation and weight loss plan followed by weekly visits.  

Your initial visit will involve meeting the Weight Loss team, obtaining a detailed medical history, obtaining lab work, reviewing your personal barriers, and personal goal-setting.  An overview of the program will be provided to determine the most personalized program for each individual.

Subsequent weekly visits involve obtaining a detailed Body Composition Analysis to review your optimal body weight, muscle mass, bone mass, water weight, and daily caloric intake.  Measurements will be taken weekly to follow your success, as well as blood pressure and heart rate monitoring. Dietary logs are reviewed and blood sugar monitoring is reviewed for those that are diabetic.  A Vitamin B complex injection is also available if desired.

Once goals are attained, our Medical Weight Loss team will invite you to join us quarterly to help maintain your goal.  


Body Composition Analysis

B at the Top Medical Aesthetics offers Body Composition Analysis to help you achieve your health and fitness goals or while joining our Medical Weight Loss Program.  Our Body Composition Analysis will provide you with information regarding your lean muscle mass, fat mass, total body water, percent body fat, basal metabolic rate, and metabolic age.  A print-out of the results is provided for your review. This information can be used by athletes to help direct their physical training or by those in our weight loss program to see where health improvements can be made.


IPLs and Photofacials

Cynosure’s MPX Elite laser machine offers Intense Pulse Light Photofacials to help reduce darkening of the skin and sun spots which become more noticeable during the aging process.  Photofacials help the skin stay looking younger longer and helps reverse the signs of aging.

Prior to treatment, the Vivier Hyperpigmentation Skin Care Program needs to be used 2 weeks prior to obtain maximal results.  This Photofacial procedure can be performed 4 times per year as long as sun exposure is avoided before and after the procedure, and sunscreen is worn regularly to help prevent return of pigmentation.