Features Overview

Below are a few of the product lines we carry at B at the Top Medical Aesthetics


Sigvaris - compression stockings

Graduated compression stockings supplied by Sigvaris are fitting individually during a 10 minute fitting session.  The ankles, calves, and thighs are measured to determine the proper size of each stocking. For those that have not worn compression stockings previously, you will be taught how to apply them and care for them.  There are many choices of materials including cotton, wool and nylon as well as different choices of colours and patterns. They are available in sports socks, sleeves, thigh-highs and full panti-hose. Most third party insurance companies also cover 2 pairs twice per year.  

Graduated compression stockings help reduce swelling, reduce and prevent varicose vein formation, and prevent leg fatigue and discomfort.  They help provide energy and blood circulation, especially when sitting for prolonged periods of time (car rides and air travel).


vivier pharmaceutical grade skin care

B at the Top Medical Aesthetics is a proud distributor of Vivier’s Pharmaceutical Grade Skin Care Lines.  Vivier uses premium medical grade ingredients and combines their skin products into a daily routine to obtain optimal results.  Skin care programs are tailored depending on skin types and problems including skin maintenance, anti-aging, acne, hyperpigmentation and redness.


colorscience mineral line of make-up

Colorscience Mineral Make-up provides SPF 30 or 50 in their products offering daily treatment for the skin and ultimate protection against aging.  The Colorscience line offers quick brush-on powder sunscreens that are great for children and adults for immediate protection, as well as a full-line of BB creams, skin perfectors, foundation, eyeline and mascara.